Theater Project

We’re bringing the full Terrain Project to life soon and an important part of that emergence is the realization of the Theater Project.

What’s the Theater Project all about?  It’s a humorous, moving and thought-provoking, live performance that will have women of all ages rethinking what we’ve been told and sold about being vital, vibrant women.  It will change the way people see these things forever.

“In truth, this is one of my favorite times of my life. It’s a chance to see what I can accomplish without the excuse of full time work getting in the way.”   

Using the art of Johanna Uribes as a backdrop, the Theater Project is crafted through the unique power of the Terrain Project stories.  It creates a memorable, 3-dimensional view of  amazing women as told through their skin on canvas and the things that have gotten “under their skin,” through the years.

“I’m irritated by anti-aging products, the models haven’t been alive long enough to have aging issues! ‘Results not typical’ doesn’t count!!

These are real stories. The words, thoughts and feelings are individual and collective truths lived by women throughout the world every day.

I stayed the night with a girlfriend. No clean  underwear, no toothbrush, no nothing. The next morning I got an attorney. He was served, but wouldn’t leave, so the police went with me that night.  He was so arrogant that a stupid move with some scissors had the cops react badly. My daughter walked in on a scene of police pointing a gun at him.”

Introduced through multi-media live presentation of the art and interviews, anonymous narratives spring to life. The Terrain Project’s 12 Questions add new layers of color and meaning to the images and the lives they reveal. Each portrayal presents undeniable evidence of the dynamic terrain navigated and shaped by women as they experience life through time, hope, fear and love.

“Watching what my family had to go through when my sister went into the hospital was the hardest thing I’ve faced. Nana getting sick and being with her before she died…having to watch my family just fall apart…I don’t think I’ve ever recovered from it really because I still think about it once in a while, like, ‘Oh my gosh, how did we get through that?’ You know? How?”

The Terrain Theater Project presents audiences with a provocative look at the world we’ve created for today’s women, but even more importantly, the Terrain Project stimulates ideas about the possibilities we want to create for the women of tomorrow.

“My kids are good people. They may not always do things exactly the way I want them to but they’re…well it’s their book. Everyone has to write their own page in their book. You can sit there with your little white out and go, ‘You should have done it like this and I don’t know about that page there girl, I don’t know where you’re going with this,’ but then they land on their feet and make themselves proud and that’s all you can hope for. Society changes and the rules change and if they can just keep going forward and being happy with what they wrote on their page, it’s good.”

The Terrain Theater Project is currently in the final writing and pre-production phase. We are actively seeking performance talent, sponsors and venues for an anticipated Spring, 2014 debut.  For more information contact Johanna Uribes.

Activating the collective power and wisdom of women to change our terrain forever

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