Windy Day

Female, age 43 – (click on image to enlarge)

I’m 44 and I’m very uncomfortable with the way I look. I always have been, always will be. I don’t pay attention to anti-aging products, I just don’t pay attention to them. Regarding cultural roles, I’m a wife, mother, mother-wife, and I always have been since the beginning and nothing’s changed…and I wouldn’t want to change it so…Well, I’ve always wanted to go back to school…I would take anything regarding course of study.  I’d start all over…there’s never enough time, never, but who knows, someday, maybe…Regarding my biggest challenge, I think watching my family have to go through when my sister went into the hospital; from that Thanksgiving ‘til maybe the summer, I think that was just way, way too much. I mean everything happened so fast at once. And having to watch my mom and my sisters, and everybody being affected by it…Nana getting sick and being with her before she died, just…it was so much, so fast and yeah the triplets were born and that was a blessing…not only that, being terrified for my sister and all the uncles dying…moving, I mean everything just all at once. And then having to watch my family just fall apart…it was just a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever recovered from it because I still think about it once in a while, I think, Oh my gosh, how did we get through that? I know I’m strong, but still, I mean…there was just too many downs and it was so severe. It was traumatic…I think about that. Nothing that horrifying and stressful and painful has ever happen and I remember thinking about. Did we ever go through anything like this before? (Regarding anything I would change in my life) No, probably not.

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