Sweet Warmth

Female, age 68 – (click on image to enlarge)

I used to be told that I look younger than my age, but that no longer happens. I feel older as those I work with get younger, but I have friends of all ages. I can’t believe I am 68, but I am grateful as neither of my parents lived to this age. I went to my 50th high school reunion a year ago and I felt I looked older than some and better than others. I am fine with the way I look.

I do buy some (skin care) products that are within reason. I listen to the shows that tell you how the less expensive products are as good as the expensive ones and I use the less expensive. The one product I am most interested in is sunscreen for skin health.

I love telling people that I am still teaching, but the role I cherish the most is that of Grandmother. I am known as “Mammie” and I have a grandson who is 15, a granddaughter who is 12 and another granddaughter who is 11. Yes, this has changed over time. First (my cultural role) was teacher, then wife, then mother, and now grandmother. Through it all, it always meant a great deal to me to be the sister to my identical twin.

I have accomplished way more than I ever dreamed. I have a loving family, friends, a Masters (degree) and a career I adore. I became a spiritual director and have the honor of walking with people on their spiritual journey and now I am asked to give talks on spirituality.

My loving husband has encouraged me in anything I wanted to pursue. I left him alone for a month while I lived at Mercy Center to complete the Spiritual Direction internship. My principal has been a great support. My daughters and my sister are great cheerleaders for me. I am indeed blessed.

Life does bring challenges. We lost our first daughter seven months into the pregnancy. I was only 23 and I did not have enough life experience to know how to deal with it in a healthy way so I stuffed my feelings and just went on with life. My sister’s son committed suicide at the age of 16. It affected every one of us so much. I could not really help my sister who suffered so much and that was very difficult.

(Regarding what I would change if it were easy to do) I would have my husband’s business succeed and make his dream come true. I also would love to be at a healthy weight and stronger.

I am most proud right now to be back in the classroom and still enjoying teaching, and being with our wonderful students.

I view the aging process as another opportunity to grow. I know that the aging process is all about letting go and
loss of physical abilities, friends, etc., but it is a time of gaining
spiritual wisdom.

I really do not have a bucket list.  I would travel some more if we had
the money and I would love to see all three grandchildren graduate from
college and see them launched into their careers.

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