Open to Joy

Female, age 44 – (click on image to enlarge)

I am pretty happy with my overall looks.  A few less wrinkles would be nice, though. I don’t even pay attention to anti-aging product advertising because I don’t believe any of them really work.  If there truly was an anti-aging silver bullet we would have it already.  Besides, with all the different factors that impact aging, it is impossible for a “one-size-fits-all” fix and who has the cash and time you would need to find out which one works for you?

I have many roles right now: mommy, wife, partner, career woman, sister, daughter friend. Most are the same, however since my younger days I have added, wife, partner and mommy to the list.

No, I have not accomplished what I had hoped to by this time in my life. Life changes and so priorities have to shift to meet the new challenges.  That doesn’t mean I won’t ever be a size 10 again, finish another triathlon, go parasailing, or climb Macchu Pichu – I just
have to wait a bit.

The biggest challenge I have had to face is adjusting my timeline and recognizing that I don’t always get to come first. The only thing I would change in my life is my weight.

I have many things that I am proud of…most importantly, sticking to my mantra of “no regrets” Physical aging is inevitable, but we can work to slow the process.  I might be 44, but I don’t think I act, or always look 44 when I think of my mother at this age.  I try to always set goals that I can achieve and reasonable methods of doing so to avoid the “I’m too old to do this” excuse of flaking out.

Regarding the number one thing on my bucket list, I don’t know that there is a number one since, again, life has a way of presenting twists and turns.  However, Macchu Pichu and a month-stay in Italy are pretty close for the number one.

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