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Female, age 37 –  (click on image to enlarge)

I just turned 37. I’m pretty happy with the way I look except for my belly. After the third child, it just kind of stretched it all out. So that’s my biggest problem with the way I look, just my stomach. I think I look younger, but I do feel like I’m starting to look my age.

Regarding anti-aging product advertising…I’ve been suckered into it. I have this past summer because I haven’t had that much sleep from the babies. I bought this mineral-based make-up and tried it for the first few weeks of school. Then I didn’t have any more time to do it so I haven’t been doing it, but I bought it. I thought I needed to look smoother, more even with the complexion and then the dark circles under my eyes were coming out. But I haven’t used it in a while.

Regarding my cultural roles and how they have changed…for me culturally, since my 20s, I’ve gotten married. So I’ve become a wife, a mother, of course a daughter and a daughter-in-law is a big one. I think that has become a big part of my life and being that my husband is the oldest in his family I kind of become second in place of the matriarchy that goes on; even when it comes to his cousins and the uncles and aunts. So I have this role that I think is pretty big, but I feel like I’m still too young to be in it. It’s kind of a weird place to be. But I’ve also become a counselor so now that I’ve gotten older, I feel like I can really give the advice and guidance to the high school students that I work with as opposed to when I was in my 20s. I think I’ve grown.

Regarding life accomplishments…I made a list a long time ago, when I graduated from college, of all the things I wanted to accomplish. If I look back on the list, which I have recently, a lot of it was just learning to love myself and to become independent. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve accomplished that. I think a lot of it comes from being a mom and having a family that, even though there’s a lot of issues that come in with economics and that kind of stuff; I know the family that I have, I’m very blessed with. This really just makes me happy. What else could I ask for! So I think I’ve accomplished what I wanted.

Regarding my biggest challenge…My husband and I both work. We just recently moved in with my in-laws and I think our role is to keep the family financially stable because we both have jobs. So my mom is retired and she’s recently widowed and then I have my mother-in-law and my father-in-law. My mother-in-law’s going to retire in June so the thought of losing their house is why we moved in with them. It’s a big role right? So I think this is going to be the biggest challenge for me in my life; kind of trying to balance being a mom and not having my own home, but being grateful that I have a place to stay. But at the same time I think, growing up, my parents divorced and they had all of these other financial issues. Watching that happen and seeing how it kind of took a toll on my parent’s marriage, I kind of can step out of the situation and look at it and say, everything’s going to be OK. It’s like one of those things that I just have to take day-by-day and just make sure I communicate with my husband. I can just do my best, that’s pretty much it, but I think this is going to be one of the bigger challenges for me.

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