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Female age 61 – (click on image to enlarge)

I like my white hair a whole lot. It makes me a part of my family.

Regarding anti-aging product advertising, I effectively ignore it! I see myself now as a teacher and friend. In my 20s I was in college, having fun and dreaming of a teaching career. Now the focus is on being the best I can be for my students each year.

Regarding life accomplishments, I used to think I would marry and have a family. Now I have a greater community of students, my family and friends. Personal choices both helped me become the teacher and person of integrity I am, and those same choices allowed me to be present for people in my family in times of illness and death.

Regarding things I would have done differently, no, the choices I made, I would make again because of the gifts that came with them. I am most proud of answering the call to be a Secular Franciscan.  The process of aging is something I never really thought about until The Terrain Project. It is an inevitable, but exciting journey with gained wisdom along the way.  I choose to live in the present
moment as much as possible.

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