Dreamy Eye

Female, age 73 – (click on image to enlarge)

I don’t feel as bad as I thought I was going to feel about the way I look. I see others who look worn out and tired and aged. I don’t feel I’ve aged badly. I’m 73 and I think I look good. I don’t like Botox and facelifts. I think that’s silly. You are what you are.
If you age gracefully, it shows in your face. You are what you are! I view the aging process as positive. In this day and age, women have so many opportunities to accomplish anything they want. You can see this in government, business, they can choose any way they want to live their lives, personal and in business.

I see my role now as wife. Yes, I’m not the dependent child/adult that I was then (in my 20s). Time has made me realize the power I have and I have my loved ones to thank for this, the females in my life and the women’s liberation movement.

Regarding life accomplishments, I only really wanted to be a wife and mother. I only wished that I had the knowledge I have now, as a grandmother/great-grandmother, for my own children. Maybe their lives would have been happier. During the fifties, we were told so many very different, restrictive rules on how to raise children. I wanted my children to be different than me and not fear me and love
and respect me. This is not what Dr. Spock advocated, the rules were too restrictive.

Regarding things I would have done differently, I would be more assertive, more of a risk taker, less fearful.  (I am most proud of
the fact) that my children have grown up to be such wonderful, loving, and respectful individuals.

I want to live the rest of my life with fun, laughter, and to die with dignity.

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