Female, age 52 – (click on image to enlarge)

I am 52 and I look tired and that’s OK cuz I am tired, so there. Aging is inevitable, it’s nature. That’s what the cycle of life is, you’re born and grow and you get older and that’s how you grow, you get older. I used to say when my hair first started to turn gray, and everybody would ask me, Well why don’t you color your hair? And I’d say, I earned every single one of those gray hairs! They are my trophies! Those and the bags under my eyes, I earned every one; there’s asthma attacks in there, there’s death in there, there’s work, there’s worrying about your kid or worrying about your husband or did you go to the bathroom this morning…it’s all in there and that’s where they’re at so I’m not going to color my hair. I’m gonna look washed out and you’re just gonna have to deal with it! If you’re sarcastic about it, you’re like, well you’re the people who have to look at me so…I don’t look at myself in the mirror. I already know what I look like, it ain’t gonna change. You can put make-up on and all that, and yeah it’ll even out your tone, but you have to take it off. You gotta get up in the morning and you still look like that so…that’s who you are. That’s your face and if you’re going to alter it then it really isn’t you. It’s a persona, an idea of what you think you should look like at a certain age instead of what you really are supposed to look like. And also your family’s in there, your tradition, your history’s in your face and if you take that away then it’s like, ah, you no longer have grandpa’s jowls or you no longer have aunt somebody’s nose…now you have this straight, perfect, plastic-looking thing that has nothing to do with your heritage or your lineage.


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