Female, age 46 – (click on image to enlarge)

I am 46 years old and the way I feel about how I look depends on the day and how I feel inside. My role models are really my aunts and my mother who are in their 80s and have great skin, love their crow’s feet around their eyes. They say it gives them character and it’s part of who they are. I think I’ve had good role models in that sense. So that’s where I get my input from. As far as buying things, I’m really into organic stuff and that costs money too now. So whatever I think is going to help, I’m 46 and I’m still breaking out, hormonally. I can’t wait for menopause!

I am multifaceted. Depending on the time, day, week, my role ebbs and flows. However, I think externally most people would see me as a mother, caregiver and partner. Has this changed over time?Absolutely.  In my 20’s my role was mainly career oriented. Partner and mother emerged in my 20’s.

Have I accomplished what I had hoped? Yes and no; for the more important areas of my life, yes. Supportive spouse, family and friends helped.  My choices prevented more career advancement. I have had many challenges throughout my life.  If I have to pick the biggest one right now, it would be deciding to leave the corporate world.

I am most proud of my boys.

I view the aging process as part of life. No need to obsess over it. Ride it like a wave.

My bucket list is currently in transition so the list needs updating.  However, I have always wanted to work and live in Europe for a year.

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