Everyone has to write their own page in their book

Female, age 52   Sometimes I think if you say, “Well I’d change this,” and if you did that it might change the course of where you thought you were heading. Then you’d say, “Wait a minute, I had it pretty good back there, I knew what to do, it was safe.” At least it […]

I’m Nearly Able to Stop Multitasking

Female, age 53 It’s a very strange time for me. I just retired and my mom role is winding down. My youngest is nearly 17. On the other hand, my mother needs extra care since her stroke. I’m not sure who I am at the moment, but everything will continue to fall into place. Back […]

I am the Alpha-Nurturing She-Wolf of My Pack

Female, age 47 I am still very comfortable with me. I’m surprised at that sometimes, especially lately. I think that I’m better looking at 47 than I thought I would be before I reached this age. I used to think…well actually I didn’t use to think about it at all. I do think about it […]

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