It’s Me…

  In the past few weeks, I have felt the impetus to express myself. It’s as though I am coming up for air after being under murky water for a very long time. Yet, today I feel so completely hopeful that I can reveal it’s me, the artist, who has been posting this week, trying […]

A Kindred Spirit

  I’ve met a kindred spirit, I believe. Hadn’t seen him in years and now here we are, sitting across from each other at a table in a coffee shop. Oh, it’s never really that simple of course. So many interesting things in life just seem to occur as the result of an innocuous series of tiny random events. […]

The Day My Dog Saved Me

  My husband spent the weekend at my new house. I’d moved away several months earlier to give him some space. I thought if we were ever going to get back together, it could only happen if I left him alone for a while. Yeah, I know, I secretly hoped he would miss me and […]

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