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Johanna Uribes

Johanna Uribes’ latest body of art work, The Terrain Project, provides a view of contemporary midlife women. This series of paintings with accompanying interviews shows the vitality and amazing resilience of these women.

“The Terrain Project focuses on the faces and viewpoints of midlife women. My intent is to show the beauty in the so called ‘imperfections’ of the aging face. I’m finding that midlife is actually a time of rebirth and renewal for me. It’s often when women finally decide not to settle for anything less than what we really want.”

Born in rural, upstate New York, Johanna showed not only an interest, but a gift for art at an early age.

“We moved often during my childhood and mostly lived in small town America. My parents finally stayed in one place when I entered middle school. This settling process allowed my creative talents to flourish. The rural landscape created an isolation that pushed me to concentrate on my artistic practice. Despite the striking, naturalistic surroundings we lived in, my interest always centered on the human form.”

Johanna’s first taste of formal art school began on arrival in Los Angeles. She attended the Otis College of Art and Design.  She also worked as a graphic artist during this time which honed her design skills. Eventually, she moved to the San Francisco Bay area and completed her BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Johanna’s work has evolved in many directions over the course of her thirty years plus of art making. The one constant has been her involvement with the figure. Even in segments of work where no recognizable body is present, the organic shapes within each composition, speak of the figure.

Activating the collective power and wisdom of women to change our terrain forever

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