About Terrain

The Terrain Project Shows the Collective Power and Wisdom of Midlife Women
Revealing the Beauty and Vitality of Their Lives

Capturing the Terrain
At 50, artist Johanna Uribes looked in the mirror and saw her new self for the first time. Her face, her skin – in fact, her entire life was no longer what it used to be. In an instant everything had turned into a new and alien terrain. Exploring the changes of age, wisdom and personal growth through the window of her art, Johanna began to create a collection of fascinating paintings that uniquely capture the beauty, challenges, joys and tragedies experienced in the lives of women as they move through midlife.

Twelve Questions
While meeting with the wide variety of women who volunteered to be a part of this unique and provocative collection, twelve questions came to the forefront. The responses these questions evoke, represent a wealth of collective experience, knowledge, fear and hope for the past and the future. An intimate voice emerges as each life story reveals itself. In this landmark study of women at midlife, the Terrain Project provides invaluable information to help women embrace the future of aging together, no longer questioning in isolation.

Millions of Answers
Their lives and their answers are still unfolding. Who are today’s midlife women? How have they changed the world, individually and collectively? Have they accomplished their dreams? What stood in their way? Where do they see themselves and the world in 5 years?

What started as a small group of personal, yet anonymous story-portraits has expanded into today’s Terrain Project. Gathering these powerful stories into a knowledge base of information, we are offering it to those who want to know the real story of midlife women as they chart new paths through their life experiences.

Launching the Power of Us & The Power of You!
The Terrain Project is about to launch a new phase to bring the power of this amazing project to the public – this is the year of the 12 Questions Seminar Series. Starting at its home base, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Terrain Project will be presenting the first of its Twelve Questions seminars to the world via radio, internet and live to interested groups and communities around the Bay.

Participating outside the San Francisco Bay Area…
While you’re waiting for the Terrain Project to bring Twelve Questions to your area, help us launch this important effort by joining the project. Become a member at terrainproject.com. You’ll find lots of ways to share your stories, ideas, thoughts and questions with our members and get important updates on how Terrain Project Women and the Terrain Project, are changing the lives of women everywhere. Welcome to the Terrain Project!



Activating the collective power and wisdom of women to change our terrain forever

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